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Failed PANCE

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I was wondering if anyone had any advice. I failed the PANCE and  amreally feeling pretty low about it. I had to rescind a job offer that I had and I still haven't heard back from a fellowship I really wanted.  I passed all my EORs on the first try and though my PACKRAT was pretty low (140) I was scoring in the 77-80s on Rosh. I used Pance Prep Pearl as my main source to brush up on topics. Now that I have 90 days before my retake I was wondering if anyone had any advice? Did anyone use a PANCE tutor or course that they thought was helpful/worth the money?

Any advice would be truly welcomed. Thanks

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I’m sorry about the fail:/ if it makes you feel any better I failed back in January and I just took it again this past Monday and am convinced I failed again. 

I used PANCE prep pearls for about half the topics and definitely thought it was super helpful (if you quite literally memorize/retain all of the relevant info in there). I didn’t have time to read it for derm/heme/ID (and a few others) but wish that I had because it seemed like there were more questions than I anticipated on those topics (as well as more questions on pediatric patients than I expected). Other than PANCE prep pearl, Ive heard that rosh is pretty solid as far as reviewing for it. I used exammaster and really liked it as well, but it’s more a matter of the breadth of topics covered in my opinion rather than the specific site you use. I wish I had done way more questions than I had done, if I managed to fail yet again, I now know which subjects to focus on and I know to do way more questions in prep for it. 

Try not to get too down about it- plenty of people (especially this year with the new blueprint and the new grading etc) have failed. Just gotta take a breath, take a bit of a break, and get back after it in a few months. You can do this! Do not take it as a personal failure— it’s an incredibly difficult test and designed to mess with your mind a bit. You’ve got this 🙂 


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Take a deep breath. It happens. Don't let this bump in the road stop you. Make a study plan, look at your score report. What were the topics that you scored low in? Review those first. I recently took the PANCE in June and felt that the actual exam felt nothing like the EORs and the Packrat, so I spent the next week panicking because of it until my scores came out.

I don't know about Exams in previous years, but I felt the 2019 PANCE was completely different from the practice questions from Rosh. I don't recall many questions with buzzwords and topics that I thought for sure would be on the exam were nowhere to be seen. I had a lot of " you had 300 questions and you asked this?" moments throughout the exam. 

I took a board review course with CME  Resources and felt that the in person classes and the resources they provided us with were extremely helpful. I used those resources as well as Pearls to study for my exam. 


You CAN do this and I know that you'll pass this time! Best of luck. 

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