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Pre-PA Mentors on Instagram!

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Hi everyone! Just wanted to share with you all on here that, in addition to this wonderful resource, there are also a bunch of Pre-PA mentors on instagram as well that can help inspire and motivate you! I thought I might start a topic so you can drop your favorites below and others can enjoy them as well!

I'll start with my personal account, instagram.com/myPApal, where you can follow my journey through PA school starting next month! Feel free to DM me if you have any questions that you feel might be too sensitive to share on this sort of public forum. 😊

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    • By Tanders87
      Hi future PA students! UTHSC has just created an instagram targeted towards prospective students (I'll be posting lots of pictures from fun things inside and outside the classroom) and would love it if y'all followed us! Our handle is uthscpaprogram
    • By laurennicolem
      Hi all! So I am shadowing a PA again tomorrow that I shadowed earlier this month. She reached out to me after I sent her a letter at her practice expressing my desire to shadow. She was eager to answer my questions and go into detail explaining each patient case to me. I was wondering what questions would be good to ask her tomorrow. Would it be appropriate to ask her if she would be willing to write a letter of recommendation? To shadow her again? If she would be willing to serve as sort of a mentor to me over email? I don't want to be too forward, but I do eventually need a letter of rec from a PA and it can be hard to find PAs to shadow! 
    • By CBW
      Want to see what it's like to be at Keiser University for PA school! 
      Instagram: @ku_paprogram https://www.instagram.com/ku_paprogram/?hl=en
      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kuPAprogram/
      (Feel free to DM and talk to current students!) 
    • By CornellSPA
      Exciting News! The American Association of Surgical PAs will be hosting a Pre-PA Information and mentoring session in ORLANDO FLORIDA JANUARY 20th, 2017. It will be held at the Doubletree MCO hotel. There will be a 2 and a half hour coaching session and plenty of time after for practice interviews and essay reviews.  Plus, a certificate of attendance will be a great way to dress up your CASPA application!
      Getting into PA school has become very competitive, and many school now have more than 20-25 applicants for each open seat.    Student will be able to meet PA leaders and admission committee members  and learn first hand tips and tricks to become a successful PA Program applicant.   Some of the topics to be covered include: 
      -Learn about the amazing & rapidly growing PA career field.
      -Overview of the PA Profession -How to get a shadow
      -PA Profession news that all applicants need to know
      -Essentials of Academic prerequisites
      -Health care/patient care prerequisites
      -How to deal with CASPA
      -PA-wanna-be essays
      -How to stand out as an applicant

      Attending this seminar attendees receive:
      Unique certificate of attendance suitable for listing on PA applications
      Copies of all PowerPoint slides and lecture materials
      One on one opportunities to speak with PAs serving on admission committees
      Unique tips, tricks, and advice you can't get from a book or a website.

      The event is hosted by AASPA and given by Surgical PAs, PA school faculty members, and admissions experts Register at AASPA.COM ($65)   For any questions, please contact ceo@aaspa.com. 
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