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I just called the admissions office and they stated that my “application is still under review” and that the class is not filled yet and the interview process is still going. They also stated that the

Thank you! Yes --  Verified 6/5  Request for secondary 7/2; Interview invite 7/16  3.4 overall, 3.1 science HCE ~10,000 hrs  PCE ~10,000 hrs PA Shadowing ~300 hrs

Heard back Tuesday 10/22 with an acceptance from 9/16 interview! Is there a fb group for accepted students?  Also has anyone heard any feedback from the current class about how the new MS program

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11 hours ago, PAgirl1997 said:

Good luck!!!!! I had my interview 9/16. Still waiting to hear back. Do let us know if they say when they will be releasing the decisions please! 🙂 

I'll try and find out today! I have it at 11am. Mix of excited and nervous since this is one of my top schools. From what I hear from this forum the interview is not bad? Only a half hour? I've been on two other interviews one was 3 hours one was 4 hours so it would be nice if this was shorter!

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5 hours ago, Ann0916 said:

I'll try and find out today! I have it at 11am. Mix of excited and nervous since this is one of my top schools. From what I hear from this forum the interview is not bad? Only a half hour? I've been on two other interviews one was 3 hours one was 4 hours so it would be nice if this was shorter!

Yes! 30 mins max. Sorry for late response! Hope it went well! Let us know 🙂 

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Just updating you guys on my interview last Wednesday. Went well! I got interviewed by two professors (both PA-Cs). I was scheduled for 11am, checked in at 10:15am, they took me in at 10:30am, and I was out by 10:55am. Park in the back of the building even though it says permit only on all the signs (they wave that rule because of the interviews so don't circle the building 5 times like me looking for street parking haha). I'm sending a thank you email to my interviewers (they gave me their business cards) tonight. I do need your opinions however. Should I send them both an individual email or send the same email to the both of them. If anyone could give me some input that would be great! 😊

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Congrats to everyone interviewing and getting acceptances! Heard back with an acceptance today too and I was wondering for those who just heard back if you think you are going to accept the offer? I'm heavily debating since I'm still waiting to hear back from 5 other schools and am curious how accepted students are going about making the decision to choose this school. Any advice and opinions would be great to hear.

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      Hi, everyone!
      What are your thoughts on applying to programs with a ARC-PA probationary accreditation status (i.e., "Accreditation-Probation")?
      I'm a first-time applicant, and a couple schools that I have my eye on currently have probationary statuses (Johnson & Wales University; Monmouth University). I was wondering if it's worth applying to said schools, especially to ones that have had a probationary status for more than two years. 
      Although these schools are still considered accredited, is it safe to apply to & then attend these schools? Do these schools prepare students to become competent & trustworthy healthcare professionals? Are these schools worth the debt? My concern is enrolling in a school with probationary accreditation and graduating as a sub par PA-C, but those are just my uncertain sentiments at the moment. 
      Moreover, I've read that applying to these schools may be advantageous to some who aren't considered "strong applicants" (e.g., average grades/GRE). On the other hand, I've seen "strong applicants" display their admiration & loyalty to these schools here on PA Forum. I'm confused! Let's open up the discussion!
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      I worked as a PRN rehab technician for about 3 months (roughly 20 hours a week) before I became Full-Time (40 hours a week).  How do I record this change in hours? Do I make two separate entries or average the hours per week?  My hours for PRN also varied each week, with weeks working up to 30 hours and sometimes only 15 hours. Do I need to record this somehow? I also do not understand how PA schools validate that the numbers of hours stated are honest. Is there some sort of validation document needed from each employer from past jobs.  Any advice is appreciated, thank you!
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      Hi everyone.  Thought I'd start the discussion for the 2019-2020 application cycle.  Good luck!
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      Good luck to everyone applying this cycle 🙂  
      Only applied to The University of New Mexico
      Verified 05/13/2019 
      Registered Vascular Technologist with ARDMS - 5,000 Patient care hours 
      Bachelor of University Studies, May 2013: University of New Mexico ;
      Associate of Science in Vascular Sonography, August 2015: Jackson College
      5000 Volunteer Hours - Be The Match Foundation, F.L.A.G Japanese Exchange Host family for a year, Saint Baldrick's Foundation, United Blood Services....
      Post Baccalaureate Science 3.4 
      3 Extra Highly recommended courses
      6 Publications relating to Volunteer Work as Mrs. New Mexico 
      3 Publications relating to professional Movie work
      5 International Experience ( South Korea ( currently living), Japan, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam
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