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UPDATE 7/8: New Grad Offer- Family Practice / Urgent Care

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Hi all,


I am finishing up my clinical rotation year, and my absolute favorite rotation offered me a job this week. It is in my dream town, and I've enjoyed working within this healthcare system and staff on my rotation. Small mountain town, population <10k.


It is mainly a Family Practice job, with occasional Urgent Care coverage. My SP seems very reasonable, kind, and interested in some level of mentorship.


The catch is that they can only offer a 0.8 FTE position with a salary of $74k (32 hour work week). At first glance the salary in underwhelming, but I do realize that if the position was 1.0 FTE, it would be over $90k.


HR told me that they anticipate raising the job to 1.0 FTE at some point in the future (within a few years), but will not commit to a timeframe.


Medical Insurance fully covered for me. My wife and son can be on my plan for $700 total. Vision/Dental also available.


401k with 2.5% contribution

No sign on or relocation

$1500 and 40 hours CME

25k loan repayment over 5 years

15 days PTO and 80 hours of floating holiday time off (basically another 2 weeks)

malpractice w/ tail covered



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Take it. Its better to have a job that you know you will enjoy, with a good collaborating physician. The urgent care side of things will help you keep up with some procedures. Use the extra time to spend with your wife and son, its not all about the money. 

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if you can swing it financially, I say go for it. having a great SP as a new grad is SO important and loving your job can be worth a lot mentally and emotionally! you can always stay for a year or two to gain experience and move on if you can't make it work

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2 hours ago, ohiovolffemtp said:

Also, if they are providing benefits, consider staying and then picking up a PT UC job once you have some experience.

Good thought- there’s only one other urgent care in a 120 mile radius and they don’t hire often so not sure I could bank on that!

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I countered with a request to start 1.0 FTE in the next 6-12 months, and to have a $10k sign on bonus to cover me in the meantime.

Their reply came in today: starting me at 1.0 FTE immediately, and a 2500 dollar sign on bonus.


Signing on tonight!


thanks for all the insight and tips.

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