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Malpractice Insurance Negotiations

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I have a new job offer and had some questions with regards to negotiating the malpractice coverage

The offer states that I would be covered under the group's malpractice policy using the group's standard policy and limits. I need to clarify the type of insurance policy but I am assuming it is a claim's made policy. The contract states that upon termination the employee "shall secure at their own expense malpractice insurance tail coverage if required."

This would be a dream job for me and I absolutely intend on staying with this position for the foreseeable future, but I am not comfortable going into a contract/position without any tail coverage guaranteed as it seems the cost is quite high to obtain this once leaving. While I know I could negotiate for a future employer to pay this I don't know how common or expected that would be. 

I am thinking of negotiating for them to pay tail coverage OR negotiating for them to pay the premiums for my own occurrence-based policy (which would likely be through the AAPA) so that I would not have to worry about tail coverage if there comes a time I change positions. Thoughts on this? Should I not worry about the tail coverage issue and move forward with the contract if they decline my requests? 

Thank you!

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The chance of a future employer covering your past tail insurance (I believe it's called head in that situation) is pretty minimal. The first step is to make sure if it's occurrence or claims-made. Some places have standard benefits and those aren't negotiable, but the overall package might be worth it even if you have to pay a few grand when you leave for peace of mind. This is of course the pay and other benefits are great and the job is really what you want. I've heard that if the policy is still active you are covered even if you don't buy tail, but YMMV. I have to call and find out, as that's the situation I'm in now as well. Don't plan on leaving, but it's good to know what would happen if/when I do.

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