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On 10/23/2019 at 2:18 PM, whaaat said:

Hi! I am interviewing the same date. I will send you a PM to connect!!

EDIT to add: the forum won't let me send PMs for 72 more hours (huh?). So, please feel free to send me one as I'd love to connect with those who are also interviewing on October 28! Good luck, everyone!

I am interviewing that day as well I started a separate thread and would love to connect before!

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I got some good news today pretty late in the afternoon. I got a phone call from Jeff T. in the admissions office offering me a seat in the RMU PA program. I'm very excited and I'm planning on committ

Just got the acceptance call! Interviewed 10/28

Because I found prior year's threads helpful, just wanted to say I'll be going to RMU. I was originally 18th on the waitlist. There's plenty of time for those higher  up on the waitlist to get in.. th

6 hours ago, Here4thePArty said:

Also just got the acceptance call! Curious to know if any of you guys that got the acceptance call were in group C on the 10/28 interview? That's where I was and I enjoyed being around all of you!

I was in group c that day and also got accepted. Very much looking forward to hanging out again! 

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24 minutes ago, Acceptmepaschools said:

Waitlisted as well! They will tell us our rank soon. 

So eagerly (and kinda patiently) awaiting this next 'soon' 🙂 Waitlisted as well. Excited for those who got full acceptances, and for those of us who received waitlists. Stay strong ❤️

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