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Taking the GREs late (mid-July) slightly underprepared; is it too late for many of the rolling schools?

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I am wondering if it is still worth it to take the GREs mid-July, while I am underprepared or just apply to schools that do not require them. Long story short there were issues with ETS getting medically related extended time for my GREs, and it took several months to get approved. Since then, I have studied a little and focused on all the aspects of CASPA. I signed up to take the GREs on July 11th. Now I am worried that by the time I take them, and the schools I want to apply to actually receive my scores it will be so late in the game that I will not be considered for many, as they are mostly rolling admissions. I have some schools I plan to apply to without the GREs. I have already submitted my application on June 19th and am awaiting CASPA verification. I have studied a good amount for the GREs via the Kaplan course but still, feel like I will not be 100% prepared to take them July 11th and get a decent score.

Is it worth it to take them and apply to more rolling schools so late in the game or should I just focus on the schools which do not require the GREs?

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How are the rest of your stats? Great GPA and PCE, or are you average/below average in those areas? Applying to rolling admission schools in late July will definitely decrease your chances. It's not impossible to get interviews then, but I feel like most of those applicants have stellar stats. And if you don't feel very prepared to take the GRE, it might not even be worth it. I suggest applying to the non-GRE schools you have found, and maybe selecting a couple GRE schools to apply to in July to see what happens. 

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