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On 7/30/2019 at 11:20 AM, ApplicantNo19 said:

Has anyone else received an interview yet ? I am realizing I applied a bit late in the game but just curious at this point ! 


Good Luck to all so far that have interviews ! 

When did you apply? I wasn’t verified until July 23rd. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get an interview since they start tomorrow 😞

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Please let me know if anyone receives their letter or email! I am on pins and needles.  

Checked the Facebook page: acceptance letters are signed, and will be in the mail early next week! Fingers crossed for my fellow applicants that interviewed!


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27 minutes ago, SSBeth said:

I’m wondering about the people who interviewed 8-2

i have been checking my mail and email like crazy and I just wanna know lol

I interviewed on 8/2 as well. Based on last year, they send out acceptance letters 4 or 5 days after the last interview date, which is today.

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I interviewed here last week, also curious when they send out responses. They said it may take 6-8 weeks so who knows. Hopefully it’ll be good news. 

I know last year they posted a picture on Facebook saying when letters were going out, so maybe keep an eye on that to get a good idea of when we should be hearing back! I know once the class is picked, the letters have to go through the Dean so it may take a few days but hopefully they’ll post some sort of update on their socials. Best of luck to everyone who interviewed, let’s try to keep ourselves busy so the waiting doesn’t get too overpowering lol
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11 hours ago, surgicalPA01 said:

From my understanding, they are only sending out acceptances next week in the mail? Waitlists and rejections will be emailed after a couple more weeks? 


Please correct me if I’m wrong.

I think that’s correct! I know for sure only acceptances get mailed. Last year though, the waitlists/rejections were sent a couple days after the acceptances were mailed so the turnaround may end up being quicker all together.

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