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I'm in the process of interviewing for two PA jobs, both in a new field, Cardiothoracic surgery. How long should I expect this process to take?

Background: I've been a surgical PA for 5 years and I'm still at my first job, which I didn't actually have to formally interview for. I've only interviewed one other time and it was in my current field at a year or so out; I did this for experience and to see what the market was like. It was a pretty quick process from time of application to interview. But then I didn't hear back from the manager until 4 months later, asking if I was still interested. I declined. Other than that one experience, I haven't interviewed until now.

I was recently out of town for a family trip, which admittedly has set me back. One group is local but their physicians are going out of town, one after the other, and the other is rural and through a recruiter.

To my understanding, this process can take some time, especially given the time off. Overall, it's been a month since time of applications. These two are good prospects in a difficult-to-get-into field, so I have to be patient. And from what I've gathered, both groups are being selective and in no rush so I know this will add to the timeline. Is it normal for my kind of situation to take a couple of months? I have received positive feedback and I am hopeful. I just don't want to be set back in my job switch a month or two if these don't work out and then have to start over again. Would anyone advise applying to a third as a backup? 


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