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Subject in Transcript Line

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Quick question for anyone who may know...I'm entering in my courses and my Biochem course was under a pharmacy course title (description says biochem but course number is pharmacy). When I am entering this should I put biochemistry or pharmacy as the subject drop down option?

Another example would be: I took a Pharmacoethics course, I am unsure if this should be listed as Pharmacy or Medical Ethics for the subject. Essentially, should I go with the course title or the actual course content?

Thank you in advance!

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I also was not sure about some of my course subjects, but I tried to choose the most accurate subject I could based off of what the class was. If the biochem course was a biochem course, then I would choose the subject as biochem. I am not sure about the pharmacoethics course. Example my math was MAT 151 for a calculus class, so I choose calc on the drop-down list. Chem 351 was orgo I, so I choose Organic Chem from the drop-down list. 

Here is what CASPA says, "If you're not sure which course subject to choose based on your course's title, default to the department the course is offered through. During verification, our team will update any course subjects that were incorrectly listed."

If you are really not sure trying giving CASPA a call or email, maybe they could help you out. Unfortunately, I was wondering the same thing as you for many of my classes, and I have submitted and am awaiting verification, so hopefully, I was not wrong. Best of luck on your application process!

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On 6/12/2019 at 9:31 PM, ohiogirl97 said:

Essentially, should I go with the course title or the actual course content?

Think about this from CASPA and the PA programs' perspective - they have to check your work based upon the information on your transcripts and do not have knowledge of the course's actual content the way you do. That's not to say you can't let that inform you when you're trying to pick something that is a gray area, but you can't expect them to go with something that has no evidence on the transcript. 

For example, I would assume your Pharmoethics course was essentially a medical ethics course, just specific to the pharm profession, so I would classify it as medical ethics and CASPA and the school would see "pharmoethics" and likely go with that. But if the dept is PHARM and the course title is "chemistry" there is no way they would know that is biochem and likely would change a biochem classification.

Does that help?

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