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I got the acceptance call today! From the virtual interview. 

I received an interview invite today for Nov 5th! Submitted supplemental app: September 3rd

To everyone that interviewed on 1/22: it was so great to meet you all! And thank you to @TouroCaliPA for the meet and greet the night before -- it was really great how welcoming and genuine all of the

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4 hours ago, Morganlynn said:

Just received an invite for supplemental app! Anyone know what this entails? 

I found this on their website.

All primary applications are pre-screened to ensure candidates meet minimum application qualifications.  The qualifying bar for this screening is reviewed each year; sometimes during an actual admissions cycle.  Eligible candidates will be invited to submit a secondary application through the ApplyYourself system, together with any letters of recommendation not already submitted with the CASPA application (explained below).  A non-refundable application fee of $50.00 is required and will be paid prior to submission.

Many PA programs invite all candidates to submit a supplemental application without screening. Those who receive a supplemental application invitation from Touro University California have the added advantage of knowing that, on initial review, it has been determined that they are competitive.


It means you are a qualified applicant for their program! Good luck! 🙂 



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On 6/20/2019 at 11:24 AM, kimemily1597 said:

Hi! Can you share when you submitted and if you got an email telling you they received your application?

I submitted on May 17! I did not receive a confirmation email until June 13th at 1pm, then another at 3:30 inviting me to do the supplemental!

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Hello, I just submitted my supp app about 2 weeks after getting the invite. Does anyone know how long they normally take to get back with a possible interview invite? How long in advance they let you know? I live I  Alabama and would need to book a flight!

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7 hours ago, biopsyd said:

I submitted 6/28 and haven't received a confirmation email from them yet.

I'm glad I'm not the only one

I got a confirmation that they recieved my supp app like the next day..but idk how long they will take to let me know about an interview. 

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