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got sent an acceptance last week btw !! Very excited ! 

 those of you who have already decided to decline OR accept your offer do you mind sharing some of the reasons like pros and cons versus other schools you were accepted at?? 
I was interviewed via zoom and would love more info about the current students feelings /unique program highlights / campus that I maybe didn’t get to hear 🙂 please and thanks!

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Just now, Ashleymarie92 said:

For everyone wanting to know if the class is full or not, all I can tell you is that there are currently 23 students that are a part of the cohort Facebook page. There could be more, but that’s what I know. 

Thanks for the info 😊 Desi told me today the class is full at the moment...unless someone drops their seat. 

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On 9/6/2019 at 7:54 PM, PA2BEE101 said:

Congrats to all 3 of you! It was a straightforward process, about 30 min with 2 interviewers. 

Hey! My interview is September 25th. Is teh interview process 30 minutes each with 2 interviewers, or just 30 minutes in total? Did we get an online campus tour? How long was it overall? 

Thank you in advance 🙂 

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      Here is a link to a google sheets that I have created to more easily access information on each of the schools in Florida and the requirement standards for acceptance or preference. All programs were retrieved from Stetson University website: https://www.stetson.edu/artsci/pre-health/physician-assistant.php , and all program details listed on the google sheet were obtained through each programs website URL in the Stetson link provided. I hope this can help anyone who finds it hard to look up this information and compare and contrast each of the programs, as it has for me.
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