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2019-2020 Cycle

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There is already a 2019-2020 thread on the page right before this if you look for it! I think it went towards the bottom because people haven't been posting a lot yet, but it is titled "2019-2020 Franklin Pierce". Just wanted to let you both know that in case other people continue to post in that one!

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I would like to ask if anyone who has been admitted to this program has any advice for students who are able to obtain an interview? Secondly, I would like to confirm that Manchester-Boston Regional Airport is closest to the University?

Third, Interviews for the 2019-2020 class start in November and go until May according to the website (https://www.franklinpierce.edu/academics/gradstudies/programs_of_study/mpas/frequently_asked_questions.htm).

 I am familiar with some sites about interview questions as listed below.

1) https://www.thepalife.com/the-top-46-physician-assistant-applicant-interview-questions/

2) https://www.aaspa.com/resources/interviewing-strategies

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22 hours ago, archase said:

3.21 science GPA
3.44 total GPA
3,806 clinical hours 
213 PA shadowing hours 
96 volunteer hours 

Do you mean you were accepted to start this coming November (from last cycle)? I think for this cycle they have not sent any invites out. If so, you will want to look back at the thread for last cycle as far as a roommate discussion 😊

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