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Can I just say bravo? Thank you for putting all milestones AND dates of when they occurred (as well as your stats)! These forums would be so much more streamlined if everyone included all the information in stead of waiting for people to ask each. individual. question. making. the. forum. dozens. of. pages.


But seriously, congrats!

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I interviewed on July 20th and just received my acceptance today! 

  • GRE Q-152 V-154 A-4.0
  • Cumulative GPA 3.55, Science GPA 3.45
  • Healthcare Experience - 3,492 hours
  • Shadowing Experience - 130 hours
  • Volunteer Hours - 1,117 hours

I'm so excited and grateful for the experience at Bethel! 

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    • By BJessee
      I am looking for some insight from any PA practicing in outpatient psychiatry, especially is TN or VA
      I heard from a colleague that there has been some issue with reimbursement in the outpatient psychiatry realm that is specific to PA services
      I wondered if anyone currently practicing in this specialty or anyone with knowledge about the situation could weigh in. 
      Are PAs reimbursed at the normal rate or at a decreased rate?
      Are there discrepancies between reimbursement for medicare/Medicaid and commercial insurers?
      Thank you all in advance!
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      I thought I’d start this since I didn’t see any posts about this application cycle yet. Has anyone heard back besides the normal “we received your application” email?
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      I didn't see a thread yet for the 2019-2020 cycle. Good luck to everyone applying!
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      Starting this for new applicants. Just FYI the program DID gain accreditation,  I've emailed one of the admins to place this topic under the accredited programs but no reply yet. Anyways goodluck! 
    • By BethelStudent19
      Hey everyone, 

      If you are reading this you are likely looking at Bethel University as an option for PA school or have been accepted already. Before you decide to follow through, please make sure that you take all things into account. Many 2nd and 3rd year students have had major issues with clinicals - these are hard to see as a first-year student and you won't likely get this information from 1st year students during your interaction with them at your interviews. This does not reflect the education received during the didactic year, just the following 15 months.

      (Please excuse grammar and formatting - this was written quickly, but after much consideration and continued frustrations.)

      Here are some of the issues with the school during the clinical phase:

      There are only 2 staff members setting up rotations for both the 2nd and 3rd year students (around 100 total). As a result…
      More than half of the students have been setting up (almost) ALL of their own rotations (more than 6 months into rotations at this time for the 2nd year students). This is because Paris, Jackson, and Nashville cannot house 50 (much less 100) students from Bethel.
      You will likely need to set up the majority of your rotations because the school does not have connections outside of that 2-3 hour area (don’t let them fool you!). Several students have had to are relocate STATES with as short as 4 day’s notice.
      They have lied, flat out. They will tell you they have reached out to your contacts when they have not- that your paperwork has been sent when it has not– that you have “nothing to worry about” when you don’t have a rotation set up for next week’s start date – that they are working “as hard as they can”, yet take time off at the drop of a hat while you are freaking out about not having a rotation in place. We have lost affiliations with very important clinical sites because the ball has been dropped and responsibility has not been taken.
      The school cannot admit where and when they are wrong. They have a justification for every issue they have and do not take suggestions on how to resolve those issues. They will feed you what you want to hear to calm your frustration, but they will not fix the underlying issues. 
      We have lost 2 clinical recruiters in the last year. The program director recently resigned this summer. There is little stability in positions that are critical for your success!
      I truly hate that this is the case with the school. I wish I could say I graduated from a school that I was proud of, who doesn't?
      If this is the only school that accepts you, please take it! The opportunity to become a PA-C is worth it, in my opinion. BUT, if you are accepted into another school, I strongly suggest considering those other options if you do not want to deal with the disorganization and absolute frustration during your clinical years.


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