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Ironically, I actually got an interview invite this morning! For August 19 8 am -12

I received an acceptance letter this morning from my 8/19/19 interview.  Good luck everyone!

how much is the deposit if you get accepted?

Has anyone that got the on hold email been notified of your status since then? I thought we were supposed to hear by December?
From my understanding the waitlist is constantly updating and if we don't have a response by March, then we should reach out to the Admissions office. Although it does make me feel better that not many, if anybody, has been accepted off the waitlist

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On 1/9/2020 at 3:44 PM, AndyL said:

For the people who already chose a campus, how did you guys make your decision? I just got taken off hold but I’m not really sure how to choose which campus and what factors to look for.

I currently live in Central PA and actually lived in Harrisburg for almost 10 years.  I was not familiar with any of the other locations and only visited the main Lock Haven campus for the interview.  The Harrisburg program is located in a historic, beautiful campus built in the 1920's right along the Susquehanna River, so it is not right in the city (it is in the uptown district), but the city amenities and attractions are very accessible.  Feel free to PM me with any questions you have about the Harrisburg area.  

As far as the other locations, all I really got from the video that was sent to interviewees was that they seem very rural/remote.  Sorry I couldn't be much more help with them.  

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Hello everyone! I was just accepted at Lock Haven University for the 2021 cohort.. I was just wondering if anyone that is currently attending would be willing to share any insight on differences between the satellites(specifically Harrisburg) vs main campus (in between staying closer to home or just [hopefully] going to the main campus!
Also, anything you might be willing to share with a new student on what I can buy ahead of time to spread out expenses, what I should maybe study or review before starting that you wish you would have done, or any other insight you might be willing to share?

Thank you so much! Hope your didactic year is going well!!

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