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What is everyone doing in terms of transportation for the interview, I’m coming from out of state and the research I and my family have done show that the surrounding area isn’t the best! Excited about the interview but if anyone is already familiar with the area any insight would be great! 

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On 10/15/2019 at 11:14 AM, PrePaGal2019 said:

To those who were offered interviews, Congrats! Are any of you willing to share your stats?

I applied to this program about a month ago and appear to exceed their requirements but haven't heard a thing..!

Any insight would be helpful, thanks!

Hi! So my stats r :

sGPA: 3.9


4500 to 5000 pce as an MA

5 LoR from two docs i have worked with for three yrs, 1 pa i shadowed, and a prof i took bio with

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1 hour ago, PA23477 said:

Hi! Does anyone know the interview style for Charles Drew? Can't seem to find information about it anywhere.

Reason is that they tell us before the interview not to disclose anything plus we have to sign an NDA. Nobody wants to lose their shot at getting accepted or worse, having an acceptance rescinded. 

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2 hours ago, Mitpa19 said:

Thank you for the information! How was your experience interviewing there?

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No worries. It was good overall. Of course everybody had nerves going in, but they did a good job of making us feel relaxed and it was nice to talk to everybody. Every person at the day of the interview was highly qualified and would have made a great PA student.

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On 10/25/2019 at 10:10 AM, agreen21 said:

Congratulations to you too !  Will you be going to the meet and greet the day before? 

Yes! I think the flight I’m going to end to booking is going to get me there pretty early, so I definitely should be able to make the meet and greet. What about you?

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