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Just received my acceptance call!! So happy 🙂 loved the program during the interview. Good luck to everyone else applying! 

Also received a phone call today from the director regarding an acceptance, I interviewed 8/9. I think it was the best / most exciting call I have ever gotten 🙂 !

Interviewed 8/9, accepted today! 

13 hours ago, niqbal4 said:

Does anyone know if the biochemistry pre req requires a lab?

Fairly certain the lab component isn't required. Their website has other prereqs listed as specifically needing labs (like microbio or A&P) but it doesn't say anything about a lab for biochem!

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On 7/16/2019 at 5:29 PM, tcorbett2 said:

What were your stats if you don't mind me asking?

3.55 GPA

3.3 sGPA

3000 PCE hours as medical scribe and tech in ER 

200-300 volunteer hours

GRE 298 😕 

(I've never posted my stats before so I'm sorry if thats not a lot of information) 


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Congrats to those recently accepted! Just received an interview invite for 8/9!! So excited! I got the confirmation email from Marist 6/22 and they also called me on 7/2 and told me I would receive an update in 4 - 6 weeks. Its been less than 3, I was not expecting anything so soon! 

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1 hour ago, fpatel said:

Has any of the other accepted individuals received follow up information? I got the call Monday too and have been waiting patiently but haven't gotten anything yet.

Hi- congrats on your acceptance! I have not received anything either but I think they said they mail the deposit information.

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Hey guys, I just graduated this year and was planning on having two gap years. Instead, I decided to apply and hope I get in. If the deadline for my school is Jan 15, 2020, is there still a chance I can get in if I am planning to submit my application on Nov. 1? Currently, I am just waiting to take the GRE and waiting on one more recommendation letter. I would very much like to get into school and am afraid I waited too long to apply now.  

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