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Current applicants/students - Please read

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I am currently completing all of my pre-requisite at MDC & I plan on applying in December of 2013. I just wanted to ask you all if the current (and to consider) accomplishments I have achieve have been good one's so far.



RMA (Registered Medical Assistant)

CPR (obviously..)




AAPA Student Membership

FAPA Student Membership

Preventing Medical Errors certificate

Growth & Develop certificate

Certificate in Complementary and Alternative Medicine


Any other suggestions??


Note: I am aware of the high GPA requirement, excellent references and amount of shadowing expected.


Thank you!



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Everything you have on the considering list is crap..... Wont get you not even a second look. GPA, SHADOW,and a real passion that comes out thru your pores is what will get you accepted. Dont waste your time just get A's and keep everything that your currently have. See if you can get the basic x-ray operator certificate as a med assiasntant you can get it.

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Please don't listen to JPMorgan, he is a vexation to the spirit. Read any of his previous posts and you will see he is bitter for not having been accepted into the program several times.


Do any and everything in your power to get into the program. Everyone has a different path into the program, just make sure to keep yourself as competitive as possible.

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