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Hi @John999Rogers and other applicants for the USJ PA program! I am a 2019 graduate of USJ's PA Program and was curious about what new applicants had to say about the current interview and applic

Just received my acceptance email! Interviewed 07/08

Got an acceptance email today! I interviewed on 6/25. 

23 hours ago, futurepaletssee said:

Has anyone been rejected? I feel like they just put everyone on the waitlist  for an interview and didn't reject anyone.

I would not lose hope. I am a current student, and a lot of people were pulled off the waitlist 2 weeks prior to the program starting. This program has a very different timeline and start date compared to other programs, so a lot of people get excited when they get accepted here and place a deposit and then end up choosing another school around Christmas time when other programs that start later begin to conduct interviews. It is literally all in the luck of the drawer and how your stats compare to others. In the end, a lot of people look the same on paper (i.e. application). You need to wow them in the interview to make yourself stand out. Grades are not everything, they just get you the next step.. interviewing. 

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On August 9, 2019 at 3:13 PM, Rnuzzi said:

HHey guys,

does anyone have an idea of where students usually live? I have a 50 minute commute so I would rather find a place closer but have no idea where to look

I moved right into West Hartford in November and was accepted here! I would look in the west end or outside of the center. Bloomfield is close as well!

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