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University of Bridgeport PA Applicants 2019

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I agree with this! I was overall impressed with the program, I feel like they really prepare their students to be good PAs.  My advice is try not to stress and have fun with it! It's very relaxed

Just got a call and am interviewing on September 6th at 9am is anybody else?! Very nervous and excited this is my first interview!!

Just gave up my seat in this program in favor of another that suits me better and is better located for me. Hoping my seat goes to one of you!

15 hours ago, mule22 said:

I was waitlisted from the 9/6 interview morning session. Pretty bummed as I really like this program and thought it was a great fit for me. Guess not, but oh well we'll see what happens in the next couple months.

Hey I feel ya! I was also waitlisted from the 9/6 interview morning session. I really like this program too and have my fingers crossed for both of us. Do you think that there's seats left and maybe they waitlisted people to determine further who to accept later on? I hope/feel that there's still seats left because I feel that this page would be flooded with multiple acceptance posts otherwise. Maybe they waitlisted people because they're planning to send out more interview invites? Good luck!

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On 9/27/2019 at 1:40 PM, Jlau22 said:

Hey, just wondering, has anyone received a rejection or hasn’t heard anything at all after interviewing? Or is it just an acceptance or wait list type of thing? Was wondering what my chances of being accepted off the wait list was 

I haven't heard anything yet 

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Has anyone only received this email?

“We have received your verified application to University of Bridgeport's Physician Assistant program for Spring 2020. Your application and materials are under review, and if you are selected for an interview, you will be notified. We will be reviewing applications and scheduling interviews through the fall. Please let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.”


I was sent that back back in the beginning of July but have heard nothing else from the program. Was there another application or account I was supposed to set up? I only did the CASPA application 

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