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I got accepted!!!!!!! this is fucking amazing 

I will be handing my seat over to the next person in line ❤️ best of luck to all of you!! I hope this will help someone out!!

I hope your gut feelings are accurate lol (which i'm pretty sure they are )  These next three days are going to be filled with many emotions for us! So, good luck guys, and whatever the outcome may be

I had reached out for Karen for an update for those of us from 11/2 interview who haven't heard back and she informed me I have been waitlisted and said official emails go out tomorrow. Wanted to relay it over for those who are anxiously wondering when they'll get back to the rest of us 🙂 

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4 hours ago, ethylenediamine1 said:

I will be giving up my seat. I am grateful for this opportunity but i had to make this difficult decision. 

Good luck to everyone. Dominican University has a great program.

Congrats on getting accepted to multiple schools! And thank you so much for updating us and letting us know that you are giving up your spot. It gives hope to the ones that are on the waitlist, like me!


Good luck future PA!!! 

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I spoke to a tech there because I was having trouble with it. He said OKTA is like what the students use to communicate with professors and do assignments and stuff like that. Maybe theyll use it to update us on our status. No clue.

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34 minutes ago, CTPAAPPLICANT2018 said:


I interviewed during the first interview session back in September and was waitlisted. When did you interview?

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I interviewed second session and was waitlisted as well.

Thanks for the screenshot!!

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