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UTSW 2019-2020 Application Cycle

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I'm moving home (just graduated college) so I had to quit my job as an MA. I'm currently searching for another job so I don't have any "projected" HOPC hours on my CASPA application, or what I plan on doing. Do y'all think that'll hurt my chances; like would a program assume I'm not doing anything before matriculation? Or would it be more along the lines of them reviewing my initial app, inviting me to an interview (fingers crossed) and then finding out what my plans are? Obviously I will update CASPA when I secure a job but I'm considering emailing programs reassuring I'll definitely have one... Just don't want that to hurt my chances right now. Pls lmk y'all's thoughts!

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I'm from San Antonio, first time applicant, just got an email for an interview invite on 8/24 as well! This is my first invite so I'm over the moon right now. Congrats everyone else, I will see some of you there! (I also plan on attending the meet & greet reception the night before). Yay!:)

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@edtru I can. No one has asked for my stats before, so here we go. 🙂

First, timeline: Submitted 5/20. Verified 5/23 (had to wait for one more LOR to get sent in). Received Student Self Center Login 6/12. Received August interview invite 7/31. 

Now, stats: 

sGPA: 3.7

GRE: 306, writing 4

PCE: ~8000 hours

Volunteering: ~100 hours

Research: 735 hours (if that even matters)

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3 hours ago, edtru said:

Congrats everyone 🙂

anyone mind sharing their timeline and stats? 

I don't mind sharing (hope it is helpful):


First time applicant, TX resident, 26 y/o F


Majors: Undergraduate - Biology,  Graduate - Education 

GPA: Overall - 3.94 [grad (4.0) & undergrad (3.92)], Science - 3.94 

Dates: Verified 6/6, interview invite 7/31 (For 8/24 date)

GRE: 300 total, (145 quant, 155 qual, 5 essay)

Shadowing: 260 hours (1 PA)

Volunteer: about 650 hours 

PCE: about 3500 hours (ED and geriatric clinic scribe) 

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2 hours ago, ttrail said:

Are they sending invitations through email or phone? I'm new and not sure how this works!

It was though email. I don't know if there are many programs that call for the interview invite maybe for the acceptance notification, not sure. I'm a first time applicant as well. 

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