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2019-2020 Application Cycle

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just accepted off the waitlist!!!! 

Interviewed on Sept. 13/14th and was accepted yesterday for the PA/MPH!    Wishing everyone the best of luck! 

I just declined my interview offer, so hopefully that opens up a slot for someone else! My sincerest wishes for those still waiting to hear back- good luck! 

This is just conjecture, but it seems like they immediately accept a few students from each interview (my guess is about 10 or so) immediately after, which is why some people from the third group have heard before others. I do think there’s still a few spots left, but not many. I interviewed with the second group and have yet to hear back....it’s getting harder to keep the hope alive 😔

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2 hours ago, Sav1234 said:

Still nothing for me 

Same. I interviewed on the 20th/21st. We will just have to endure the weekend and wait patiently for next week... 

I wonder if there are even spots left in the class, seems like we might just be waiting for waitlist emails, best case? I don’t want to lose hope but it’s getting harder. 

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13 hours ago, cjc1030 said:

Does anyone know when they will be sending out the emails with info on how to pay the deposit?? I just want to make it official already 😁

They said sometime in October I believe... I have been checking my email incessantly! Looks like we will be classmates!! 🙂

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32 minutes ago, Yay4PASchool said:

Waitlisted. Did anyone apply to the dual degree program and get waitlisted? Not sure how that works..

I was also waitlisted and interviewed for the dual degree program. I don't think the dual program affects our chance of acceptance because I read somewhere that you need to be accepted to the PA program first. 

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