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2019-2020 Cycle

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9 minutes ago, PrePA522 said:

Congrats! When did you apply and verified?

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I applied on 4/26. I didn't think that the grad school app would be open until next month, but it was available when I was filling out CASPA. I was verified by CASPA a couple of days afterwards. I received an email from ECU on 4/30 saying that my app was complete and one on 6/11 saying that my grad app had been sent to the PA program. I got the email about the interview today. 

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On 7/1/2019 at 11:27 PM, JSprePA said:

Hey guys! Submitted my CASPA application to ECU and I am working on the Grad School app now. Do we need to send GRE scores to the grad school as well or just the PA program code? And official transcripts to the grad school as well or just to CASPA? Thanks!

No; both GRE and transcripts only need to be sent to the PA program/CASPA. Once you complete your grad school application and get your payment made, within a day or two it should update to "complete" meaning that you are not missing any documents. It also states on the grad app website and in the email you receive once you submit it that PA school applicants don't need to submit transcripts. 

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This year I think that they have started interview offers sooner because the graduate school application was made available earlier in the year than last year. To my knowledge, they are downloading applications that are verified by CASPA with the completed graduate school applications periodically and making continuous interview offers.

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19 hours ago, arielnberry said:

I just received my interview invite for 8/27! This will be my first MMI, does anybody have any advice regarding that interview style? Can anyone who has completed their interview share their interview experience? 

We signed a non-disclosure form stating that we would not talk about the interview process with others. I will say that they go above and beyond to make you feel welcomed and the whole process was enjoyable. Relax, be yourself, and you’ll be fine! 

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