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2019-2020 Application Cycle

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On 7/24/2019 at 12:55 PM, JMAK42 said:

Anyone who received an interview, would you mind sharing some stats?

PCE: 550 hours 

sGPA: 3.98 

cGPA: 3.98

GRE: verbal (73rd percentile), quantitative (49th percentile), writing (98th percentile)

Volunteering: ~200 hours

Shadowing: ~ 30 hours

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Hey guys, so I just interviewed this past week. Here are some of my stats:

cGPA: 3.94

sGPA: 3.91

GRE Verbal: 164

GRE Quantitative: 163

GRE Writing: 5.5

PCE: 2500 hours

Volunteering: 110 hours

Just got offered a seat on Tuesday!

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Just got an invite to interview on 9/25! My stats:

cGPA: 3.82

sGPA: 3.78

BCP: 3.63

PCE: ~1900 in hospital, ~2000 in home care

Shadow: 16 hours 

GRE: 161 verbal (88%), 154 quant (53%), 4.5 analytical (81%) 

Also, application verified 7/25, under review email 7/29, invite 7/30!

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