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ACCEPTED FROM THE AUGUST 15TH INTERVIEW!  I literally could not hold back the tears, this was my third year applying and I have never felt anything like the excitement I have now.  So excite

I just received a call!!! I got accepted 😭😭🙏🏼 good luck to everyone else!! 🙏🏼

For everyone worrying about whether or not they have been denied, please stop worrying. This school in particular has only sent out two rounds of interviews (July and August) and it is still extremely

36 minutes ago, SB2020 said:

I just got accepted!!  my interview was on 1/16! I was so excited I didn’t grasp too much of the information explained over the phone. How long after the call did you all receive an official acceptance email with instructions for the seat deposit? 

Congrats! I interviewed on 1/16 as well. I wonder if we met that day?  I got the email I think about 4 days after I got the acceptance call.  


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1 hour ago, SB2020 said:

I just got accepted!!  my interview was on 1/16! I was so excited I didn’t grasp too much of the information explained over the phone. How long after the call did you all receive an official acceptance email with instructions for the seat deposit? 

Congrats! Any advice for the interview or what you think you did to get accepted? I hope to join you in next year's cohort! 

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23 minutes ago, hab5213 said:

Accepted from the 1/23 interview! Is there already a Facebook group for accepted students? I thought it would be nice to have a group for just PA students so we can connect before!

Congratulations!  Is Drexel your top choice? Here is the Facebook Group I saw listed in a previous comment: https://www.facebook.com/groups/409746259955797/

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2 hours ago, sunny98 said:

I got an invite to interview last week... exciting but It feels so late in the game and I’ve already accepted a seat at UW-La Crosse, which is another great program. Has anyone been through this? I’m so torn whether I should still consider the interview.. any advice?! 

Wow congrats on getting in to UW-La Crosse! Are you coming from Wisconsin to interview? I would still come if you're not 100% certain that you love it there, but if you're paying a lot to fly out to Philly I'm not sure it would be worth it for you. 

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15 hours ago, DaniPA said:

Congrats! Any advice for the interview or what you think you did to get accepted? I hope to join you in next year's cohort! 

I think the biggest part of any interview is being confident and being yourself. I genuinely enjoyed being surrounded by other students and had a great time getting to know everyone! That takes a lot of pressure off you knowing you’re going to later enter an individual interview. If you don’t know what questions they will ask, be prepared to incorporate your answers in another way to ensure you say everything you want them to know about you! 

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    • By futurepa1998
      Do I have a chance?
      I’m struggling to decide if I should apply for this cycle or not due to my gpa and PCE. I graduated last august with a bachelors in biology. I’m 23 btw. 
      Cumulative Gpa before post bacc credits-2.98
      Sci GPA-2.65
      Cumulative gpa after post bacc-3.17 (32 credits)
      Sci gpa after-3.10
      Post bacc cgpa- 3.98 sgpa- 4.00
      PCE hours as a CNA~1500
      Medical assistant~ 400
      HCE as a Pathology Tech~ 1360
      LOR- one from MD that I worked with, one from a PA I shadowed, and one from a former boss
      Shadowing~150 hours 
      Leadership Hours~80 hours 
      Volunteer~150 hours
      Taking the GRE this month 
      My GPA was low in my undergrad bc of going through personal circumstances and recently learning that I have ADHD. After finding out my diagnosis I completely changed how I studied and I had an upward trend my senior year and during this post bacc.
    • By Kalebmi20
      Hello PA forum.
      After doing some soul searching, I decided on maybe going for PA school. I am only a 2nd semester freshman. However, due to many circumstances, such as adjusting to online school, and a 1 star professor, my first semester of college was a 2.5. I also was not planning on anything after undergrad so I wasn't totally motivated on acing everything. I am doing my best this semester to make up for that, and getting a 3.75 or 4 this semester is realistic at the moment since Ive bee working extra hard. I am very worried however that all of the hard work that will come in the next years will be for naught if my 2.5 first semester will weigh me down. I know I am capable of getting mostly As and Bs from here on out, but will my first semester be the bane of my PA school application? Will schools take into account covid college and and very bad professors who hardly knew how to operate education software? Will schools see the upward trend as a good thing? I also understand that my application will be looked at as a package rather than just GPA, so I have some hope, but this worry still lingers.
    • By TatiRenee
      Hi everyone! I’m Tati.
      I just graduated in December with my BS in Kinesiology. I had a low GPA, exactly 3.0.  I don’t know what my science gpa is but I can only assume that is low as well. I plan to retake O-Chem 1 ( I got an S grading for it Bc my school did the S/U grading in Spring 2019) & I plan to take Biochem this summer. 
      I just started getting patient hours as an Emt in December. Once the PA application opens, I think I’ll have about 500 hrs. By august, assuming I only pick up my shift hours & not OT; I’ll have ~1000 hrs.  I don’t have any shadowing experience & it’s pretty hard to get some now because of the pandemic. 
      im debating if I should apply this cycle with only the minimum hrs & a low gpa or should I wait, retake some classes & apply next yr? I’m very conflicted and don’t know what I should do. I know I want to go to Pa school but cannot decide on the timeline. 
      any advice is appreciated!
    • By Tarantino
      Hi, everyone. I'm a non-traditional student, wrapping up my associate's degree in psychology from a small state school (not a community college) in Georgia. This college only offers 3 bachelor degrees, which is why I would finish elsewhere. I was a student at Arizona State Online, but transferred to take my prerequisites and labs in person. All my science prerequisites with in-person labs for PA programs will be done prior to transferring to the next college for my bachelor's degree. Now that I'm almost done, I was originally planning to then finish my degree through ASU, but am now considering finishing it at my local university for various reasons. Here's the two options I have:
      Option A: Finish my bachelor's degree in psychology at my local university.
      PROS: Graduate with less than $10k in debt. Get hands-on experience in research. More than likely get a stronger letter of recommendation.
      CONS: It would take longer to finish. I would barely get by, working part-time and living paycheck to paycheck. I would have to devote more time to in-person classes, which would take away from my income and time to do other things. Less volunteer hours. ALL clinical hours will be in private EMS, so my hands-on experience and skills won't be utilized as much, as it's 95% mostly transporting stable patients.
      Option B: Finish my bachelor's degree in psychology at Arizona State University (online).
      PROS: Accelerated program and can finish in 1.5 years instead of 2.5 years. Work in 911 EMS, which means better hands-on experience and utilizing my skills more - I think this will also make me a better provider in the future. More time to work, which means more income. More time not in a physical class, which means more time to volunteer, which is less stressful since I also have more money in general. Still get to go graduate in person.
      CONS: Graduate with around $30k in debt. Weaker letters of recommendation. Little research opportunity. Obvious I finished my degree online because the college is 20+ hours away.
      Although it would cost more to finish at ASU, I could become a PA faster, which means it would actually be better financially IF I were to get into both at the same cycle.
    • By ChristianPrePA
      Personally, I'm gaining my patient-care hours from working as a Physical Therapist Assistant, but other great options are: EMT, CNA/CMA, RA, ER tech, Scribe, etc. I've also considered being a scribe, ER tech, pharm tech, and EMT.
      I made a short video discussing my picks for the "Top 5 PCE jobs for Pre-PAs / PA school.
      Let me know if I missed any. What are you guys doing to gain PCE hours? Any ideas/suggestions/feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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