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Tufts mentions GRE percentile > 60% on each section under "Achievement of the class of 2019." They also state "Applicants are encouraged to have overall GRE scores above the 50thpercentile" under GRE Requirement. I scored 154 (54th percentile) on quant but 148 (38th percentile) on verbal.  I was planning to apply and already sent my GRE scores to them but I'm not sure if they will evaluate my application based on my GRE scores. I have 3000 hours of PCE and ongoing, meet all the min requirements and GPA of 3.69. I do not plan on retaking the GRE test again as this is the only school that I am concerned of in terms of GRE. Should I apply to Tufts? 

Achievements of the Class of 2019

Admissions Undergraduate GPA >3.3 3.60
Prerequisite GPA >3.2 3.61
GRE Percentiles (Q/V) >60% for each 64% / 76%
Patient Care Hours >1000 2355 (avg.)
Class average cumulative GPA >3.2 3.75
Successful completion of all clinical rotations 100% Pass rate 100%
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If you don't plan on retaking the GRE and it's not a requirement to have an overall score above the 50th percentile, you should still apply. Your stats seem pretty good and your GRE is above the 300 mark, so it won't hurt!

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I believe they prefer an overall above a 300 but it is not a requirement. That is just the average of the class so take into consideration that there are people with lower and higher scores. Plus, Tufts looks at every applicant holistically. 

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