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Tufts GRE Requirement

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Tufts mentions GRE percentile > 60% on each section under "Achievement of the class of 2019." They also state "Applicants are encouraged to have overall GRE scores above the 50thpercentile" under GRE Requirement. I scored 154 (54th percentile) on quant but 148 (38th percentile) on verbal.  I was planning to apply and already sent my GRE scores to them but I'm not sure if they will evaluate my application based on my GRE scores. I have 3000 hours of PCE and ongoing, meet all the min requirements and GPA of 3.69. I do not plan on retaking the GRE test again as this is the only school that I am concerned of in terms of GRE. Should I apply to Tufts? 

Achievements of the Class of 2019

Admissions Undergraduate GPA >3.3 3.60
Prerequisite GPA >3.2 3.61
GRE Percentiles (Q/V) >60% for each 64% / 76%
Patient Care Hours >1000 2355 (avg.)
Class average cumulative GPA >3.2 3.75
Successful completion of all clinical rotations 100% Pass rate 100%
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