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Hello!!  I know a few students already addressed this; but as a recent Duke grad, I wanted to add my two cents.  As far as students being frazzled - super accurate depending on the day (high stakes ex

I have a friend who's attending Duke this fall. She spoke with an admissions counselor last week and they said they're about to send out the first wave of invites so good luck all in the next couple o

Hang tight everyone! Duke gets thousands of applications each year and legitimately reads each one. Not all schools do this.

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33 minutes ago, Beccalpa said:

received rejection 10/5:

supplemental application final 8/29

3,000+ pt care hours as hospital radiologic tech

500+ as a pharmacy tech 

3.1 overall GPA

3.4 science GPA

302 GRE

from underserved/ rural area 

I was really hoping to get into Duke because their mission aligned so well with what I wanted and brought to a PA program. It's extremely difficult to be a well rounded pre- pa student and work a full- time job in health care-- hence the lack of perfection in my scores. Theres always next year!


Did you get the rejection email today? 

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22 minutes ago, matt24 said:

Does anyone know how many interviews or seats are left? I have not heard anything but I also haven’t been rejected so I’m trying to stay hopeful! 

i’m in the same boat buddy! i was confirmed May 26th. i’ve heard nothing. 👀 so far no news is good news but i am also on edge.

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15 minutes ago, Samanthandiaz said:

This is kind of how I feel lol! But fingers crossed. We will hear soon enough I’m sure. It’s out of our hands, but no news is good for now!

you’re so positive :’) i’m over here freaking out all the time

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On 10/2/2019 at 4:28 AM, Laudan said:

Late to the game responding, but I got an interview invitation for 10/23. Anyone else arriving the night before interested in grabbing dinner (probably earlier)? Curious to see if anyone received acceptances yet following their interviews, if so how soon after? 

I’d be down!

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1 hour ago, goldybee said:

I interviewed last week— I was SO hopeful we’d hear back today. The wait is nearly unbearable! How are y’all dealing with the suspense?

Only a few more days! Distract yourself as much as possible! I’ve been baking, cleaning, and catching up on as many shows as possible 😂

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