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2019 - 2020 Application Cycle

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2 hours ago, odesss said:

I haven’t heard back since June 😞 has anyone called them after the two week period?

I’m also waiting since June. When I emailed them, they said they reviewed my file and that a decision hasn’t been made. I guess that must mean we’re on the back end. Maybe they’re waiting to see how the interviews go with other people.

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13 minutes ago, prePA92 said:

Hey guys, just posting an update!

I was accepted via email Monday, and I could not be more excited  

There’s a Facebook group already, search: Keiser PA Program c/o 2021!

Looking forward to meeting y’all! 

Congrats! I was just accepted as well on Monday but I will be declining as I was accepted somewhere closer to home. Hopefully that helps someone else on here! 

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4 minutes ago, alexa0822 said:

Anyone who has interviewed here already have any words of wisdom? Interview style? Any tips? Interviewing here soon and trying to prepare the best I can!

I would say, as counterintuitive as it seems, definitely do not over-rehearse your answers! In my experience, it's easy for your answers to come off disingenuous that way - even though you may be super authentic!

Good luck!!

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16 hours ago, devondeem said:

Anyone who was accepted mind sharing their stats?

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

I was accepted with:

~ cGPA 3.68

~ sGPA 3.5

~ PCE 9000+ (Cardiac, vascular and general ultrasound)

~ GRE 304 , 3.0 writing

~ Shadowing 45 hours

~ No volunteering hours

~ 4 LORs (PA, MD, physics professor, genetics professor/program chair)

Good luck to everyone waiting to be called in for an interview or waiting to hear back after the interview. Can’t wait to get started. 

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The NCCPA says the following in their website under eligibility: 


To be eligible for PANCE, you must graduate from a Physician Assistant program accredited by the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA). PA program graduates will be deemed to have graduated from an accredited program if their PA educational program was accredited at the time of their matriculation.

They will reiterate that at the interview. Don’t worry about this issue, you have plenty to worry about all the other stuff.

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In the interview they do mention the probationary status. They explain why they received this status and what they are doing to fix it. Apparently they had some turn-over within the program. They also have you sign a document saying that you understand that they currently hold a probationary status. 

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I am interviewing Sept. 24th! This is my first interview so I am obviously super nervous and do not know what to expect. My friend who graduated from Madison PA program said in interviews they can throw some curve balls. She got asked, "what type of cereal would you be?". Would love any tips you want to throw my way! Cheers!

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