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I just got the call. I actually cried over the phone. Interviewed on 9/21.

Hi everyone, I'm a current GW PA student and wanted to let you know that our class created a Facebook group for admitted students. Please feel welcome to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/410

Just got an acceptance call from GW from the Sept. 7th interview!!! 

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8 hours ago, wildcat18 said:

Just received an invitation for the October 5th interview!! SO EXCITED! But MMI? Any helpful tips for the interview style?

Yay me too! See you there 🙂

 I have done MMI at other schools and honestly prefer it to a more traditional interview style. I suggest googling practice MMI prompts. I spent hours and hours reading through possible questions and thinking of answers. This is more to calm your own nerves about it. When I showed up, it was easy. You read the prompt, you go in the room and you just answer with what you would do! There's no right or wrong answer (i mean hopefully you have solid ethics though). The interviewer usually has a list of follow-up questions to ask, so in no way feel like you need to talk for the entire allotted time. I thought of it as more of a conversation regarding various ethics. Finally, don't over talk. Speak your mind but don't OVER speak your mind. So often, we feel that we have to fill awkward silences with words leading us to say stupid things. I only ran out of something to say in one of stations and after she asked me "Do you have anything else to add?". I said "Nope! I'm confident with my response" and this allowed a few minutes for us to talk about other aspects of my application and get to know each other better. Obviously, every school and MMI experience won't be exactly the same but I think if you go into it with the mindset that it is a conversation, rather than a test or interview, then  you will be prepared for any question they throw at you. But definitely research practice MMI questions too! This helps you understand what kinds of questions might be asked of you and the ones they use will likely be similar to some of the prompts that you practice with. 

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I interviewed on 10/5 and honestly feel so bad about it. I have done MMI style before but this one felt way more difficult. I feel like I was so nervous and couldn't get myself to collect my thoughts. I know I also tend to be super hard on myself and misremember things as worse than they actually were but I have just been completely devastated these past few days because GW is my top choice and I feel like I blew it. Does anyone have any words of wisdom or encouragement for me?  

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Been there! I had that feeling when the first couple rounds of invites went out and I hadn’t heard anything. I felt discouraged after meeting all the other candidates on interview day and wondering what the heck I was doing there. Days after, I knew I left opportunities to expand or say more on the table. It will work the way it’s supposed to. Don’t count yourself out until they tell you to.

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