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Do jobs look at GPA on resume?

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I listed my GPA on my CV.  It is on the same line as the degree ( abc degree, GPA 0.0) so not highlighted or taking up an extra line.

However, no job I interviewed for asked anything about GPA or grades in general.  I was asked more clinical based questions and the typical interview questions.  I don't think you need to put it on there.  

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4 hours ago, NOVAPA said:

I'll be graduating this year and I am starting to work on my CV and resume, do first time jobs look at my GPA or even want me to put in on my resume?

Not just PA school, but I have never heard of ANY graduate degree where GPA mattered in hiring.  Thesis/Dissertation topic, school, who your advisor was... these matter in some cases.  GPA is always assumed to be inflated in graduate school, so a 3.8 is essentially meaningless.

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