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Hi Everyone,

I am applying to PA schools this year. Here are some statistics about me

3.0-3.1 Science GPA

3.5 Cumulative GPA

About 700 Volunteer Hours

60 Shadowing hours of PA (3 different specialities)

12 Hours of Shadowing a NP

2,500 Direct Patient Care Experience as a CNA

1st generation student (first to go to college)

Honors student, along with being a peer mentor.

How many schools do you think I should apply to?

Sadly, my science GPA is low because I received a C+ in genetics, and a D in ochem, now retaking Ochem and more than likely will receive anything in the C Range.

All my other pre-req's are all A's and Maybe 1 B or 2.

Attended Pre-PA conference.

Have not taken the GRE yet, but severely worried.

Input? If you have been participating in cycles, please include some of your stats and the outcomes.




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Needed to add more info.
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There is an entire thread (2 actually!) one for accepted students and one for applied but not yet accepted.  Both of those will more than thoroughly answer your last request and would be a good place for you to start browsing to determine how many programs you may need to apply to.

It's not always about how many programs you apply to, but applying to the RIGHT programs.

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