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CNA work/ patch work- maybe nursing school?

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Hello, just a little background information. Graduated last year around this time with a B.S. Exercise Physiology. This past semester I took Biochem ( to replace a C I got) Microbiology and Orgo lab ( which I got a C in). I dropped biochem because I was afraid I was going to get a B, ended up with a B in micro and A in lab. Retaking biochem express this summer. My science GPA is right above a 3.0

Now for HCE I did 2 years of pharmacy tech, got a LOR but it didn't count and PCE. So I started doing CNA work for about 3 months and did not like it. I felt like I was not practicing medicine. To be truthful, I ended up getting released because I missed two swifts after my grandfather pasted away. I call this patch work because this summer and next semester I will be retaking classes I got C's in. But I am not thrilled with the CNA work, so I want to do MA. 

Two questions: Can PA schools look up that I was released from that rehabilitation center? Also, would it be better to get an associates in nursing, get health care experience that way, and then apply down the road 5 years from now?

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