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I Start PA school before undergrad completion

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Hello good people,

My PA program start date overlaps with my undergrad final exams (I sorted it all out) and was wondering if anyone had any similar experiences? I don't feel burnt out, but I'm just getting more anxious in terms of class difficulty in comparison to undergrad, as that start date comes around the corner. Are courses much more difficult, or is there just more information to memorize?



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I will say if you put in the work during undergrad and you weren't cheating or relying on test banks you will be okay in PA school. 

Overall the material isn't hard until maybe endocrinology, nephro, or cardio, but eventually it all starts to makes sense and you'll be able to make the connections. It's just a lot of material. 

Probably the class I've had the most trouble with is Pharmacology, it just seems like an exercise in memorizing 100 different drugs each exam.

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