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1 hour ago, rfo1234 said:

I had received an email in August saying I was still being considered for an interview. I just received an email from Bryant saying that their application cycle for the class starting January 2020 is now closed. Is this a rejection? Or does this mean that if people start backing out from attending they will reach out to those that were "waitlisted for an interview" ? Seems a little odd 

I have the same question. I also received that email over the summer too. 

update: I called and it is in fact a rejection email. 

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Interviewed September 9th and waitlisted  9/25 and haven't heard since. I would think they filled the class the week of the final interview date, and are only taking waitlist people if accepted students back out.

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On 12/3/2019 at 10:24 AM, somedayapa0215 said:

I was also waitlisted in July. Have not heard anything else. Did they email you?

They emailed me ln a rejection. Was waitlisted in July!

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