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Our program is starting rotations soon and we are using standardized end of rotation exams though the PAEA.  What are the best books to use to prepare for these exams or any end of rotation exam? 

Thanks in advance! 

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I used Pearls and Rosh. Found the PAEA exams to be pretty similar to rosh questions. It's nice to look at the PAEA EOR exam blueprint, but I wouldn't go crazy over it. I always keep a pocket book or two with me on rotation as well. It's more about learning bit by bit as you go. It can be tricky because you'll learn "real world" medicine but you also need to keep on top of "textbook" medicine. Those worlds don't always align. Also, keep in mind the relative % of questions. 

You'll find you'll get comfortable with what patient population comes through the door at your particular rotation, but don't forget to look up the stuff that doesn't show up on your rotation. 


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