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I asked for too little on first interview, can I recover?

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Hi all! I am looking for a bit of advice.

Some background: I had my first interview today (with the office manager) for an internal medicine clinic. I am a new grad and got cold feet during the interview when asked about salary. I tried to deflect but he insisted on a hard number. So I said $100,000 "negotiable". I am located in Southern California.

Is it possible for me to renegotiate when I already said $100,000? I meant negotiable as in up or down.... But I realize it came off as I would take less. Or was I right to ask for this amount and I am being too greedy? I don't have any specifics yet or benefits or even a job offer. I just want to know if I can renegotiate if they offer less than $100,000 or if I've boxed myself in. And if I can, any advice on how to go about it? It feels terribly awkward now....

Thanks in advanced! 😊

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I had about 5 interviews out of school and by the third I just started throwing out fairly high percentile figures when I realized 90% of the time won't simply shut the door in your face for asking for a good salary. If you truly have other offers (or are a good bluffer), and they like you, they will do their best to match. That is to say obviously you shouldn't ask for 200k as a new grad. First do your research and find out what the upper limit of the offers in your area/specialty are.

Perhaps you did box yourself in with the 100k but who knows? They will likely counter with 90-95k which in Southern cali just isn't cutting it. Don't feel bad regardless of what happens. There is plenty of opportunity out there.

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"I appreciate the offer you have extended.  I know that I will be a great fit for your company (for XYZ reasons) and look forward to starting my career as a PA with you.  I've done some further research on the average salary for this specialty and this area and, while also considering the benefits package, hope that we can come to a mutually agreeable salary that is reflective of the value I will contribute".  (Obviously don't do this until an offer has been extended.  Don't broach this topic unless that happens)

Yada, yada, yada.  You get the point.  You haven't closed the door but you have made your job a little harder.  Get ahold of the AAPA salary report (because it's robust and the best we've got for now).  Check other job listings in the same area and see if they list salary ranges.  Or better yet, get another offer and play them off (or as above, bluff!).

Going forward if you have interviews at other places, try and have this researched a little in case you get caught in the same position. 

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