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Personal Statement Review

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It sounds like you have a lot of PA interactions which is good! With that said, a large part of your narrative were descriptions of your encounters with them. Those PA shadowing experiences can be summarized in your resume/CV. Your personal statement can be an extension of your resume but in more telling details. For example, in your resume you can briefly describe your overall experience/what you learned during the shadowing experience, but in your essay you can focus on a single patient or a single moment of the PA that made you excited about the PA profession. You obviously know what PAs do and so do the adcoms. Use your essay to highlight and specify why the PA profession is for you (but don't relay the duties of a PA but more so, the qualities). Why are you a good fit for the program that you're applying to? Why should they choose you? How has your patient care experience shaped you or prepared you to become a PA? If you have any questions or need more guidance/clarification, feel free to message me! 🙂 Best of luck!

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II think that you talk too much about other people in your essay. I would shorten your shadowing experiences and elaborate more on your own experiences as a CNA and what qualities makes YOU likely to be able to fill that role. Show, don't tell. Do this by giving specific examples of times when your leadership/teamwork skills accomplished something difficult, for example. Best of luck!

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