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Should I Apply?

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Seeing as how the cycle for the 2019-2020 is about to open, I'm really unsure of whether or not to apply this cycle or wait another year and I am wondering if I could get some feedback.

Age: 22

Majors: Biology and Business Administration

cGPA: 3.75, not really sure about my sGPA

PCE: 1500 hours (ED Scribe)

HCE: 1800 hours (optometric technician), 60 (home health intern)

Volunteer: 225 hours (Pharmacy department, Cardiology ICU, and ED)

Shadowing: 20 hours 

GRE: 314 (154 verbal, 160 quant, 4.5 writing)

At the moment, I plan on asking an ED physician, biochemistry prof, and the PA I shadow for LORs.

Another thing is, I'm really unsure of whether or not optometric technician fulfills the guidelines for PCE, so I just classified all my hours as HCE as per the CASPA guidelines for the time being, but I do know certain PA schools do take ophthalmic techs instead.

Again, I really would appreciate any and all feedback on this. 



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I'd say you have a good shot as well. You have at least 1,000 hours of PCE so that at least will get your application looked at. As for your optometric tech position, if you had any patient contact at all, I'd play that up so it can be counted towards PCE. Also, I believe there are some CASPA calculators out there where you can calculate your sGPA. Make sure that it is at least a 3.0 and you should be solid. Best of luck!

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Guest thatgirlonabike

Not every school considering scribing PCE either so just read carefully before you decide where to apply. 

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