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Can I apply next year?

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Here is my current situation:

I will be starting a post bacc program in the fall. As with most post bacc programs that involve anything "pre health" they are all tailored towards Pre-Med students. I do not plan on completing the program for a certificate but just taking the necessary courses for PA school. So heres my plan:

Fall Quarter (2019): Gen Chem 1, Biology 1A (Cell and Molecular Biology), and Anatomy & Physiology 1. All courses WITH Lab.

Spring Quarter (2020): Gen chem 2 (Chem series complete), Biology 1B (Principles of Organismal Biology) (BIO series complete), Anatomy & Physiology 2 (A&P series complete).

At this point the GENERAL requirements for most schools is complete.

Summer 2020: Genetics, Medical terminology, and a 3rd "Recommended course" from a majority of my preferred schools.

On May 27, 2020 the Spring quarter grades will be available on transcript. On Aug 12, 2020 the Summer quarter grades will be available on transcripts.

Taking all this into account would I be able to apply to schools next year or will I be extremely late in your guys opinion? I know some schools deadlines are as late as November. But everyone on this sub reddit STRESSES the fact that you should apply as early as possible. Is applying next year pointless due to the fact that it will be late?

Sorry for the extremely long post!


Side note: I graduated Spring 2018 and this has been my gap year which I have been using to gain PCE working full time and volunteering. Do you think schools will see 3 semesters of classes back to back as me rushing to apply?

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