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PAFT Needs You!

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In what sense? Duration of the term or the amount of actual time it takes to make a difference in the profession? 

It varies. There is a fair amount of day to day collaboration via a platform we are now using to keep discussions organized and linear. there is a monthly board meeting via teleconference. Most of us attend the AAPA conference because that is where we have our membership meeting and annual face to face board meeting. There have been other opportunities to do some "in person" things but they tend to be random and voluntary. 

its some work and probably not for someone who want a ticket punch on their resume. It is, however, the most progressive PA organization in the country.

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Asking mainly because I am working on my doctorate, working, and on two different committees in TAPA.  I have been a member of PAFT since I was a student and wanted to see if I could take more of a leadership role.  My employer is not the best with taking time off and is stingy with CME money.  The meetings with TAPA have all been on my dime, so there is the financial aspect as well.  I do that because I can contribute in areas that I do well in, and I was challenged to "put up or shut up" by former mentors.  I am trying to see if I can fit something else in rather than commit and then reconsidering.  I have respected many of the officers in PAFT and really want to work with them in person.  I may need to wait until after I finish my classes.  Not personally looking for a resume punch/notch, but I do want to be more involved.  Thanks for the info SAS.    

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