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Bad experience in BSN program, would PA be better?

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Midway through my junior year of college, I was hit with an unfortunate week. We had to draw from a hat to sign up for slots for some checkoffs and simulations. I already was one of two people who was supposed to present a project this day and had 3 other test. Then by sheer bad luck, I ended up with 3 tests, a med checkoff, a simulation, and a project due with about a week of prep time. In the end, by the end of that day, I panicked from exhaustion and didn't finish my test and could not recover from it. I made a C in the class (even though my cumulative finals were all A's and B's).  Overall though, I was not able to continue in my schools BSN program. I was CRUSHED and administration didn't work with me at all. I had to change my major coming into my senior year. Thankfully, psychology took all of my existing nursing credits and I was able to add a biology minor and be able to graduate earlier than I would have been able to for nursing. After a lot of thought, I really did love the patient care aspect, but retrospectively, so many of my peers were "just in it for the money" or "hated old people" or "loved challenging physicians" overall just sit with me right, especially under how nursing was founded. It was a total turnoff to the academic side, but I truly loved my patients. After all of that, 3.4 total GPA, with a science GPA of 3.36 (but my nursing GPA is still a 3.5, though depending on schools that may or may not go to my science GPA). I have all of the PA pre-requirements (other than O-chem). I love the idea of going back to healthcare but have this fear that the same thing that happened in nursing might happen in PA school. That's even if my GPA is high enough to get in. My graduation date is right around the corner and I just still feel so lost. Has anyone gone from RN to PA? Was the PA better? Any advice would be great. 

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I’m a CNA right, about to start PA school this summer. Although CNA is completely different than nursing, I work with nurses all the time and see what they do. It is completely different than a PA. Ultimately, you have to decide what you’re truly interested in. My recommendation would be to shadow a PA first, just so you get the feel of the profession. 

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