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I am a new grad going on about 5 months at job in primary care at a moderate cost of living location in CA. I took the job that was lacking in a few areas given I had no other great offers. I currently am paid 50/hr and make OT, have covered health insurance but no dental or vision and get 10 days PTO and 5 sick days only. I hear about much better offers for new grads. I am wondering when is it okay to start looking for jobs with better pay and benefits? I don’t want to burn any bridges, but I also want to set myself up in the best scenario for my career and earning potential. 

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Agree with Ral. Have a good explanation about why you're leaving for your interview and plan for a goal of being at the next gig for 2X the first so that you don't raise red flags of someone who jumps ship. If you find a great gig at the 9-10 month mark, don't pass it up simply because you haven't hit the full year mark for your first job. 


Beauty of job searching for the second gig is you can land interviews that aren't open to new grads. On top of that, you know the questions to ask and have a steady paycheck to be able to pass on poor offers.  

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I would start looking at the 9-10 month mark. I see plenty of jobs advertised that want 1 year of experience...focus on those.  If they want one year of experience they should not be surprised that you are leaving after one year.  Reasons other than displeasure with your current compensation package to discuss during the interview could include a change in specialty or change of location/move/shorter commute. 

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