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I needed to review my job description and found it to very general, non specific to my duties and lack clarity. I have been  dealing with some unreasonable request and lack of support yet increasing demands. 

Just wondering how others approach improving job descriptions and any resistant from supervising physicians/management. 

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good luck


if a place of employment is not interested in defining or advancing your roll you will run into roadblocks every step of the way.  I have seen this over and over again in practice when PA and NP are just hired as and after thought then dumped on.  it sucks and trying to change it is well worth it.


I would start with about a week of a time study - literally write down everything you do and how much you do it - min by min tracking of what you do

Then compile this and develop a list of the things you do

Then use this to write a job description.



in selling it to the admin folks explain how you came up with it - stressing all the positives and even things you are willing to do, and just politely leave out the things you don't want, and hope they don't realize it.

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Thank you for your feedback. I will take this approach and see the outcome. Interestingly it is exactly that(listing responsibilities) that made me realize how removed management is from the day to day functioning. I work in an inpatient setting with about 90-95% autonomy. Great environment to work, however lacking team support from the team I am aligned with( supervising physicians) who sees mainly outpatients.  

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