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Ants in my PANCE

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So I took the PANCE on Monday 8/30. My score should be available tomorrow. I'm anxious about it and I was hoping I could get a little feedback/support. When I finished the test, I didn't feel good about it, and I didn't feel bad about it. Looking back, I feel there's no way I failed it, but I'm still freaking out. Does everyone else feel like this? I know there's nothing to worry about; I did very well in school. I feel like my program prepared us. I used ExamMaster, the new AAPA/PAEA book and Lange yellow book. Our program also had a week of board reviews (taught by us) just before graduation (8/21). I've heard everyone feels this way! Is that true?

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Yep. COMPLETELY normal to feel this way. I'm sure you passed with room to spare, especially with all that prep! Try distracting yourself with some bad reality tv and get a good night's sleep. ;)

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Guest hahnemannpa

I took the test about a year ago and actually got 100% in several of the areas (GYN, PSYCH, CARDIO. I used the prep book and was amazed how easy the PANCE was taking it the second time. Everything you need to know is in the book. I am glad you passed.

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Thanks outennisboi!


Springpearl...Good luck and happy studying!! I am in no way claiming to be able to predict PANCE scores based off of performance on practice tests, but to give you a point of reference, I took the AAPA pre-test a couple days before my PANCE and got 80-something percent. I passed the PANCE with my scores falling into the 96%ile.


One week away from your exam, my best advice is to do lots of practice questions (timed-- in blocks of 60 questions per hour), then go through the answers/explanations of each block of 60 questions very thoroughly. Make note of which Blueprint topic areas you have a tendency to struggle with and do a quick review of those when possible.


Best of luck!!!

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I passed :-) and with plenty room to spare! YAHOOO!


Thank you just_nelle, I did what you said a whole week of practice questions, it helped a lot. Prior to that I used AAPA book to review, but wasn't sure how much I retained. And the pre-test result just scared me. But one week of practice questions helped me to intergrate lots of concepts. Two days before the exam, I did the post-test, got ~70%, felt a lot better. Thanks again!

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