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Advice for student seeking educational position

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I am currently a 2nd year student getting ready to enter clinical rotations and finish in a little over a year. I have a strong interest in pursuing a position as a faculty member in the future. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to actively work towards this goal? I was told to go ahead and get a doctorate as it would likely be necessary by the time I am ready to apply for a position. I am prepared to do this but want to find a doctorate that doesn't cost an arm and leg, as I have undergrad and grad loans. 

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Get a Doctorate

Get published in some medical journal

Get a few years of clinical experience under your belt.  At least 3-5.

Start off giving lectures on the side at your local program and make sure it's for you.

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Just graduate. 

Pass pance

get a job


contact your local PA program and start adjunct faculty.  Helping in labs, doing a lecture here and there

get to at least 2 to 3 years full time work

apply as faculty 

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I echo that; first become a good practitioner! The vast majority of PA faculty have only a master's. To get ahead in academia, consider (later) getting a doctorate in education.

In keeping with my personal philosophy of trying things in a small way first, look to guest-lecture, precept students, and help with labs.

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