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GRE Scores

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Hey guys! I recently just took my GRE and I got a 148 in verbal and 149 in quantitative. I am still waiting for my writing scores. I know these aren’t the strongest scores but I can’t decide if it’s worth it to retake the exam. My GPA is a 3.75 and by the time I would start PA school I will have 2000 hours of patient care experience. What are your thoughts? 

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You have good grades and hours, the score most likely wont be the factor the would KEEP you from getting in if there is one, but since you have the time to study a bit more and get over that 300 mark, why not? I say do everything you can to look your best. Unless you studied as much as you could and couldn't break 300, give it another try, youre close! 

Magoosh worked great for me a few years back! 

Good luck!

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Guest thePAway

I would look at the schools you want to apply to because many of the ones I want to have a 300 GRE minimum! If you think you could get higher I would retake because of that minimum

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You've received some solid advice regarding your scores above. I would retake it personally. With a little more studying you could score > 300.

One thing I do want to mention, PA schools consider your hours at the time you submit your application. There are very few exceptions to this. You've said that you will have 2000 hours by matriculation, but these ongoing hours won't be considered when programs are evaluating your application. 

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