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Hey all,

I am a new grad with about 6 months hospitalist experience covering a cardiac IMC and obs unit, and I am desperately trying to find a PRN gig (I work 3 12's a week), preferably urgent care but open for anything. I cannot for the life of me get any of these places to bite. I have probably applied to 15-20 places mainly urgent cares and cannot even get to an interview. I know my resume dosen't suck I had an abundance of interviews right after I graduated and ultimately chose the role I am in now.

What I'm asking here is are there any tips on landing a PRN gig? Is there certain verbage I am missing?


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This is nothing personal because I don’t know you from Adam but it may be hard for these urgent care places to believe  a new grad with 6 months of experience as a hospitalist can be very successful in the urgent care without training in a PRN role. 

Honestly if I were you and the is coming from  a hospitalist PA 1 year out, if I was looking for PRN work it’d be in a internal medicine speciality like cardiology, GI, pulm, endo, infections disease, something like that where we have some experience managing these patients in the inpatient setting. Even Urology. I feel like I do so much Urology as an inpatient hospitalist i probably could be valuable to someone in the inpatient setting seeing patients with a little more training.

The best thing you can do instead of applying online is just talk to some of your consultant colleagues and see if they are hiring. A lot of these groups like hospitalist  PAs because they are already familiar managing these patients in the inpatient setting which frees them up to see patients as an outpatient and do procedures,  which is what they want to do. 

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I've been looking for supplemental work as well. Also hospitalist, practicing hospital med exclusively since I started 2-1/2 years ago. Tried for UC and was told by multiple places they don't want to take the time to train supplemental staff. I've had better luck trying to find per diem positions in outpatient IM. I would suggest you try there.

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