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CCS restriction of trade with PAs

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So I’ve been trying for about 2years now to get California Children’s Services to edit this extremely outdated guideline they’ve been using since 1999 that outlines pediatric/neonatal ICU providers that can be paneled through CCS. This policy of course mentions NPs but fails to mention PAs which in turn has limited the number of places in California I can work in my preferred specialty. Numerous hospitals that I’ve approached have told me that they are not willing to hire PAs in their ICUs given that we are not able to be “paneled providers” which means they can’t figure out how to make my services billable. There are a small number of hospitals who have figured out a way to just bill my services under the attending physician or figure out a loophole or softer interpretation of this document and I have secured a position in one of these institutions but I feel like this is somehow restriction of trade, am I wrong? I’ve approached CCS who just shuts me out, I’ve written to CAPA and they say they are aware of it but nothing has changed. I kinda feel stuck at my job because my entire family is in this city and I don’t exactly want to leave nor do I want to switch specialities given all my experience. Any ideas on how to push CCS to edit this document or make it known that PAs are perfectly capable ICU providers? Any advice appreciated!!



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